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Super Simple Ways That Intermittent Fasting Can Save You Some Cash

Six ways intermittent fasting saves you money - piggy bank.

I have found so many benefits to intermittent fasting beyond weight loss. Mental clarity, clearer skin, increased energy … but one that I think is often overlooked is how intermittent fasting can actually save you money.

And who doesn’t like to have a little more money in their pocket these days?

I’ve thought of six ways that I’ve been able to spend less (or make more money!) since I began intermittent fasting in January.

Omit the Morning Mocha Latte

Save money with intermittent fasting by not buying your daily fancy coffee.

Do you have a daily coffee shop habit? I know I used to love going through the drive through before work for a creamy latte in cold weather or an iced cappuccino when the weather gets warmer!

One of the ways I find success in intermittent fasting, is by clean fasting – drinking only black coffee, black tea or water during my fasting time.

Good news for me and my wallet … black coffee and tea tend to be much cheaper than the fancy versions, and water is free!

Of course, occasionally I still indulge in one of these yummy beverages during my eating window but skipping the daily trip to Starbucks has really added up to some nice savings! I also avoid the temptation of the yummy looking baked goods.

Drinking mainly water during my fasting hours has also saved me money that I used to spend on juice and soda throughout the day!

Less (Alcohol) is More

Save money with intermittent fasting by drinking less alcohol.

Speaking of beverages, for those of us who like to participate in the occasional night of drinking alcoholic beverages, I have more some more good news … often when you’ve been intermittent fasting, the effects of alcohol will be much stronger. You can most likely get the same effects on fewer drinks.

Of course, this also means you need to be careful if you’re used to drinking a lot, but buying fewer drinks can save lots of cash! I’m usually one and done nowadays!

Less Food = More Leftovers

Now that I’ve been intermittent fasting for a while, my appetite has definitely decreased. I get full faster and on way less food than I used to.

This is budget friendly because not only am I buying less food, it means more leftovers.

I can turn today’s baked chicken into a veggie stir fry or chicken quesadillas for the next days meal. Or make a delicious soup out of all kinds of leftover meat and veggies!

Skip the Snacking

Because I only eat in a three – four-hour widow on most days of the week, it means I have significantly less time for snacking.

While it used to be common for me to grab a cookie during the mid-afternoon or gobble down a bag of chips while watching TV, I much prefer to eat real substantial food during my eating window.

Not having to add prepackaged snacks to my grocery cart is super easy on the food budget.

Make Your Meals at Home

Not only has my appetite decreased on intermittent fasting, I also find that it has changed my taste buds.

Since I’m only eating one or two meals a day, I really want to make my meals count!

What used to taste good to me is often not worth it, especially if it’s my only meal for the day!

Thus, cooking at home so that I know the food is going to be good quality and taste amazing can also save lots of money versus getting fast food or take out.

Making my own homemade hamburgers and tacos taste so much better than the fast food versions!

More Time Means More Money

Save time and money with intermittent fasting.

Finally, intermittent fasting saves me a lot of time that I used to spend preparing food, eating, and then cleaning up the kitchen and washing the dishes.

I’ve been able to use that time to make a little more money. I get in a few extra hours at work when they’re offering overtime. I’ve also been researching ways that I can turn some of my hobbies into income.

I love playing on apps like Swagbucks that can earn gift cards. They’re certainly not get rich quick programs, but $5 or $10 off my amazon orders here and there can add up.

If you’ve had to hire a housekeeper or a gardener thanks to time constraints, you may find that you now have extra time to do those things yourself. More savings!

Can you think of any other ways that living an intermittent fasting lifestyle has saved (or made) you some money? Leave a comment below, I would love to hear from you!

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