My Weight Loss Journey

Starting My Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle

I’ve been researching intermittent fasting for some time now … let’s just say way longer than I would like to admit. I tend to suffer from analysis paralysis, a term I’ve heard on the internet just recently, and it describes me to a T.

I spend hours researching a healthy way of eating or lifestyle that sounds interesting to me, and I get so overwhelmed with information that I don’t take any action.

I also tend to be an all or nothing person … in the past I’ve set goals to eat only so many calories, or so many carbs and if I have a day where I don’t meet that goal, that’s then end of the “diet” for me. Since I can’t do it all, I end up doing nothing. I’m sure we’ve all been there.

To be honest, this will not be my first attempt at intermittent fasting. I’ve done it successfully last year for almost a month in the spring, and then 2 whole weeks in the fall. Unfortunatley that old all or nothing mindset creeped in, and when I found myself not adhering to the rules I gave up.

The funny thing is, intermittent fasting covers a wide variety of eating styles, so those rules were ones that I had set for myself. Did I really need to be so strict with myself? I was recently reading Kayla Cox’s book, The Laid Back Guide to Intermittent Fasting, and something she said really ressonated with me. What if weight loss were easy, what would that look like?

That’s what really drew me to intermittent fasting in the first place …unlike other eating styles where you have to be super strict about what and how much you eat, it focusses on when you eat.

The idea of being able to eat my favourite foods and to actually be able to eat until I was full seemed to good to be true! And it really wasn’t hard, I just made it hard on myself by being too strict with some arbitrary rules.

While there are other versions of intermittent fasting, I’ve decided that for now at least, I’m going to go with a daily eating window. I’ve also decided that as long as I track my fasting time and my eating time, then I will have been successful for that day.

My goal is at least a 16 hour fast with no more than an 8 hour eating window, but even if I don’t meet that so long as I’ve tracked it in my app (I use Vora) then it will have been a successful day. Hopefully this will allow me to work on my perfectionism problem, and finally get something accomplished!

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