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Intermittent Fasting Success Stories for Inspiration and Motivation

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Anyone who has ever tried to lose weight knows how difficult it can be.

Just the process itself of changing how you eat and move can be super challenging. Keeping up the motivation every day to stick with your new plan can seem like an almost impossible task.

It would be great if the scale could drop every single day or if you could be in a smaller clothing size every weekend. How motivating would that be?

Of course not only is that unrealistic, even if it were it would be almost impossible to maintain.

The healthiest and most sustainable weight loss plans are the ones where you lose slowly and learn to maintain your weight as you go.

Knowing this is true is one thing. How do you stay motivated when the scale says almost exactly the same number three or four weeks in a row?

Thankfully with intermittent fasting there are a lot of ways to maintain your motivation.

You can focus on all of the non-weight loss benefits of intermittent fasting. Things like clearer skin, mental clarity and internal healing.

Many times even when the scale isn’t moving, our bodies are changing in noticeable ways. For example, recently I’ve noticed that my shoes are looser. I can also tighten the band on my Fitbit a couple of extra notches.

Being internally motivated is super important. I also like to look for external motivation on those days when I really want to give up.

I don’t actually know anyone in real life who has changed their life with intermittent fasting. So instead, I look to the many intermittent fasting success stories on the Internet.

Often times just reading about someone’s incredible transformation through intermittent fasting is enough to reignite my motivation and inspire me to stay the course.

I know that if we continue our intermittent fasting journeys and trust the process, that we can have results like these too!

I’ve found inspiration from other blogs, from Facebook and Instagram, and on YouTube.

Here are some of my favourite online intermittent fasting success stories. I hope they will encourage you to believe that you can change your life. With intermittent fasting you can become your own success story!

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Gin Stephens

Gin is one of my very favourite intermittent fasting success stories. She didn’t just find intermittent fasting, follow it, lose the weight, and have success. It took her a while to figure out that it was the right plan for her. With some tweaking of different intermittent fasting methods, she was able to find one that worked for her.

I’m a member of her Facebook groups Delay Don’t Deny as well as One Meal a Day IF Lifestyle.

These are incredible groups to find support and ask questions. They also have members who post their own incredible intermittent fasting weight loss success stories every day!

Gin also two podcasts. The Intermittent Fasting podcast that she cohosts with Melanie Avalon provides answers to hundreds of intermittent fastings questions. She also has an entire podcast dedicated to intermittent fasting success stories.

You can read all about Gin’s success with intermittent fasting as well as gain plenty of intermittent fasting knowledge in her book Delay Don’t Deny. Her blog has a whole section dedicated to people who have found success with intermittent fasting.

Kayla Cox

I first found Kayla from her excellent intermittent fasting YouTube channel Six Miles to Supper.

Like Gin, it took her some time to experiment with intermittent fasting until she found what worked for her on her weight loss journey.  

I watched her describe how she lost weight by eating one meal a day and walking every day while taking a cheat day every week, and I was hooked!

Her YouTube channel is also an excellent resource for intermittent fasting information.

She discusses so many different intermittent fasting topics, and she hosts weekly Q&A’s.

She also has lots of interviews with other people who have found intermittent fasting success. These intermittent fasting success stories and information are also often featured on her podcast, also called Six Miles to Supper.

Her blog is another great resource. I absolutely love her book The Laid Back Guide to Intermittent Fasting.

Kim & Ryan Smith

I found Kim & Ryan through the Delay Don’t Deny Facebook group. I immediately ordered their book from Amazon, called Unbelievable Freedom: How We Transformed Our Health and Happiness with Intermittent Fasting.

They were also featured together on Kayla’s YouTube Channel and Podcast. They individually told their stories on Gin’s Intermittent Fasting Stories podcast.

You can see some of their amazing before and after pictures, and follow their continuing story at their blog, also entitled Unbelievable Freedom.

They’re such an inspiring and motivational couple. I love following their intermittent fasting success story!

Rachel Sharp

Unlike the others mentioned above, I found Rachel in the middle of her intermittent fasting journey. Now she has an amazing intermittent fasting success story!

Everyone I’ve mentioned so far practices one meal a day or a daily eating window. Rachel lost her weight through alternate day fasting, and she is absolutely crushing it!

I love following her on Instagram and seeing all of her super inspiring before and after pictures.

She posts about her intermittent fasting journey twice a week on her YouTube channel.

She’s a wonderful person to follow if you’re thinking about starting your own alternate day intermittent fasting journey!

Other Intermittent Fasting Success Stories

I also follow the inspirational Sumaya Kazi on Instagram. You can read about her motivational weight loss success following a 4:3 intermittent fasting schedule here.

Kimberfitgirl on Instagram is another of my favourite people to follow who practices a one meal a day lifestyle. You can read about her story here or watch her on her YouTube channel.

If you’re following a 5:2 intermittent fasting plan, Kate Harrison shares her success story on her website.

You can also find lots of 5:2 success stories at the 5:2 Fast Diet Forum or on the 5:2 Intermittent Fasting Diet Facebook group.

While many of Dr. Jason Fung’s clients follow a low carb, high fat diet and also practice some extend fasting, the Intensive Dietary Management blog also features several intermittent fasting success stories.

There’s even more featured in his books The Obesity Code, The Diabetes Code and The Complete Guide to Fasting.

We all have those days during our weight loss journey when we feel like we’ll never be successful. We feel like we may as well give up and go back to our old eating habits.

Following someone’s story online who has been where you are but still found success through intermittent fasting, allows you to realize that it is indeed possible. If they can do it so can you!

I can’t wait to share my own intermittent fasting success story someday!

Do you have any intermittent fasting success stories who inspire and motivate you on your journey? Are you a successful intermittent faster who I should be following? Let me know in the comments!

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