Intermittent Fasting Meal Ideas

16 Tasty Recipes That Will Change Pizza Night Forever

Intermittent fasting meal ideas - pizza night

My favorite part about intermittent fasting is that I am slowly learning how to let go of the food guilt.

Intermittent fasting naturally corrects my appetite and I am better able to eat to satiety instead of overindulging. Unlike with other diets, this means that I can enjoy my favorite foods without worrying that I’m going to sabotage my weight loss efforts.

One of the things that I missed out on the most with other weight loss plans is pizza night!

I love enjoying a delicious take-out pizza with my husband and daughter on a Friday night.

Or even better, making a homemade pizza dough and piling it up with all of our favorite toppings. I typically use a jarred pizza sauce, but you can also easily make your own sauce.

I’ve always heard that pizza is an almost perfect food because it includes all of the food groups. You can add mushrooms, peppers or pineapple for the fruit and veggies, bacon, sausage or ham for protein, cheese for dairy, and of course the crust for the grain food group.

Since I began intermittent fasting, I’ve been able to experiment with so many new and delicious recipes. Since pizza is one of my favorite foods, I love to make it in a variety of different ways.

Here are 16 mouthwatering recipe ideas to make your pizza night even better!

Pizza Crust Alternatives

While traditional pizza dough is undoubtedly delicious, it can take quite a bit of prep time.

And it can be pretty messy!

When I’m in a hurry for a tasty pizza meal or just don’t feel like cooking (and the clean up that comes with it!) I use one of these quick and simple pizza crust alternatives.

1. English Muffin Pizzas

Using English muffins to make mini pizzas is one of my most treasured memories from when I was a kid.

It was always a favorite at birthday parties and when I would have friends over for a sleepover.

Now that I’m an adult, using English muffins in place of a traditional crust has become a huge timesaver when I don’t know what to make and I’m in the mood for homemade pizza.

I simply slice the English muffins in half and place them on a cookie sheet. Then, I top them with pizza sauce, pineapple, onions, mushrooms, ham and cheese and then bake at 375 until the cheese melts (about 10 minutes).

I serve them up with a tossed salad for a super quick and tasty dinner, that my whole family loves.

2. Tortilla Pizzas

Intermittent fasting meal ideas - tortilla pizzas

I’ve used store bought corn tortillas, white or whole wheat flour tortillas, and low carb tortillas as a pizza crust alternative, all with great success.

You could even make your own homemade flour tortillas or low carb tortillas.

Since I’m a big fan of thin crust pizza, using tortillas as a pizza crust is at the top of my list. Plus it makes a quick and easy dinner and is way cheaper than take out.

I simply lay the tortillas on a flat pan covered in parchment paper and spread a nice thin layer of pizza sauce. Then I top it with my favorite toppings, usually leftover ground beef, onions, bacon bits and shredded cheese for a yummy cheeseburger pizza.

I bake it at 375 degrees for around 10 minutes, or until the cheese melts. If I’m extra hungry or lacking in veggies I’ll serve them up with a side salad, but usually one tortilla pizza fills me up nicely!

3. Flat Bread Pizza

In the last few years I’ve discovered a ton of delicious flat bread recipes. I’ve made flat bread bruschetta, flat bread sandwiches, and flat bread desserts. My favorite use for flat breads though, is pizza!

Low Carb and Keto Pizza

With the rising popularity of the ketogenic diet in the past few years, there’s no shortage of delicious low carb recipes.

You’ll find lower carb recipe options for everything from bread to your favorite dessert.

In my opinion, the best thing about the keto craze is all of the pizza alternatives that have been created. You really can make almost anything into a pizza!

Find a sauce that has a reasonably low carb count or make your own low carb pizza sauce.

You can find a low carb version for any of the pizza crust alternatives above or try one of the following delicious lower carb pizza ideas.  

All of these make a super yummy way to change up pizza night even if you’re not on a low carb diet!

4. Portobello Mushroom Pizza

Portobello mushrooms make a yummy burger alternative when grilled, but who knew they can also make a delicious pizza?

Not only are they a great way to lower your carb count, but they make an easy vegetarian or vegan pizza crust as well.

5. Zucchini Pizza

Intermittent fasting meal ideas - zucchini pizza

I think zucchini has got to be one of the most versatile vegetables.

You can make desserts like zucchini bread and muffins, it makes a wonderful pasta substitute when spiralized, and it turns out it’s also a fabulous vessel for all of your favorite pizza toppings.

Just like the mushrooms, it’s not only low carb but also easy to make vegetarian and vegan as well. Best of all, it’s a super yummy way to get your veggies in for yourself and your family.

6. Cauliflower Crust Pizza

I have to admit, this is one pizza crust alternative that I haven’t tried yet.

However, it’s super popular in the low carb and keto online community, and it’s definitely on my bucket list of recipes.

I’ve tried other recipes using cauliflower liked mashed “fauxtatoes” and those were delicious!

What’s not to like about a pizza recipe that reduces your carbohydrate intake and gets those extra veggies in at the same time?

7. Meatza

This is a keto recipe that I have tried and loved!

It can be a bit greasy and hard to eat the same way you would traditional pizza. I usually use a fork and knife for my pizza anyway, so a pizza with a delicious meat crust covered in cheese and veggies is perfect for me!

Why go out for a meat lovers pizza when you can make a yummy pizza out of mostly meat right at home? You can save on carbs and satisfy the carnivores in your household at the same time.

8. Fat Head Pizza

This is such a versatile dough that has been adapted to be used in so many keto recipes. It will always be my very favorite way to eat low carb pizza. I think I might like it better than traditional pizza crust!

9. Pizza Topping Casserole

Fat Head Pizza is my favorite, and I’ve even given it to carb lovers who couldn’t tell the difference. Unfortunately my daughter is not a fan.

So I developed this recipe for her to enjoy pizza night while I make keto pizza, and it turned out delicious!

I simply take a casserole dish and spread some sauce on the bottom, then throw on some cooked and crumbled ground beef, bacon, mushrooms and onions, and top it off with shredded mozzarella. I then bake it in a 375 degree oven for about 12-15 minutes, until the cheese melts. She absolutely loves it, and so do my husband and I.

Who even needs a pizza crust when it’s all about the toppings anyway?

Think Outside the Pizza Box

Intermittent fasting meal ideas - pizza

These next few recipe ideas take the usual pizza ingredients and turn them into new and delicious dishes that make pizza night even better.

While not made the traditional way with a crust, then toppings, and then cheese, these have all of the flavor and the fun of pizza.

These are also great ideas for leftovers. You can use the same basic pizza ingredients to make a different pizza flavored meal every night of the week.

10. Pizza Soup

I’ve been making a recipe similar to this pizza soup since I got my very first slow cooker when I first moved away from home almost 20 years ago.

It’s such a delicious and comforting meal, and it makes the house smell amazing while it’s simmering away all day long.

It makes a great meal served up with some fresh rolls from the bakery.

It’s also easy to adapt for those 500 calorie meals if your doing alternate day fasting.

11. Pizza Grilled Cheese

I love to make grilled cheese sandwiches that go beyond just bread and cheese. If you have kids, they will love being able to dip their pizzas!

Who am I kidding, I think I love to dip more than any kid I’ve ever met!

12. Pizza Subs

This is another super yummy sandwich idea.

I’ve been getting pizza subs at sub shops for years, but they’re so easy to make at home, and even more delicious!

These would also be great to bring on a pizza picnic with the family.

13. Pizza Pasta

Instant pots are all of the rage now a days. I don’t think there’s any better way to adapt a pizza recipe for your instant pot than by making pizza pasta.

This recipe also makes delicious leftovers for your next meal. I love it when I can cook once and eat twice!

14. Pizza Casserole

This recipe combines all of the best pizza toppings with yummy pasta.

While it’s not keto friendly like my pizza toppings casserole from above, it’s worth every carb!

This is a great family recipe. It would also be excellent for feeding a crowd or taking to a potluck.

15. Pizza Pasta Salad

We’re continuing with the pasta theme, but this time in a super scrumptious cold pasta salad.

It’s super easy to adapt to your own tastes. You can also easily double or triple the recipe.

I love to bring it with me to family picnics in the summertime.

It’s also a great meal to make the night before and take with you for your lunch on the go.

16. Pizza Salad

Last but not least on my list of think outside the pizza box recipes is this tasty pizza salad.

It’s a great recipe for getting those pizza flavors while also getting your veggies in. It’s also great for low carb and keto diets.

Pizza salad would also be an excellent option for a 500 calorie meal for all of you alternate day fasters.

In other words, this recipe is pretty much perfect for everyone. 🙂

Intermittent fasting meal ideas - pizza

That concludes my list of 16 ways to enjoy pizza night in non-traditional, but super delicious ways.

Since I practice intermittent fasting for the health benefits as well as the money saving benefits, these recipes are much healthier and cheaper than ordering traditional take-out pizza.

Of course, I doubt I’ll ever give up on traditional pizza altogether. That’s the beauty of intermittent fasting, there’s room to enjoy all of the foods!

Do you make a non-traditional pizza recipe that I haven’t mentioned above? Let me know in the comments, I’m always looking for new meal ideas to include in my intermittent fasting lifestyle!


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